How inclusive is the business you’re building?  This is a question every entrepreneur should ask themselves – in today’s world more than ever. Diversity, anti-racism and equality are ethical issues that affect how we do business every day.  The guiding principle on which I built my business is gender equality, and I was so excited […]


February 17, 2021

How to Embrace the Anti-Racism Revolution Coming to Entrepreneurship with Trudi Lebron

This week I should have been in Iceland to host the Selfmade Summit. Instead, I hosted the 5-day online course “How to Succeed in the Next Normal in Online Business”.  Over a whole week, the speakers from the Selfmade Summit and some special guests joined me to share how the last three months have changed […]


June 22, 2020

Insights from 6-7 Figure Female Online Entrepreneurs on the Next Normal in Online Business

It’s going to be very hard for you to find a job. These were the words of my advisor when I went to the unemployment office after having been fired twice in a short period of time. I kept applying for positions I thought were a perfect fit but never got a reply. My hopes […]


May 27, 2020

From Unemployable to a Selfmade Millionaire

We are all either locked-up in our homes, need to pivot in order to keep our businesses going or cannot see our families and loved ones due to the Coronavirus. What was unthinkable only a month ago has become reality.  I invited Susie Moore as my guest on this week’s episode because by overcoming obstacles […]


April 15, 2020

How to Be Productive During this Crisis with Susie Moore

Have you ever received one of those connection requests on LinkedIn from a person who obviously has no idea what your business is about? I have, many times.  Growing your connections on LinkedIn can really pay off, but your success lies in how you go about doing it. And Natalia Wiechowski, LinkedIn strategist, knows exactly […]


April 8, 2020

How to Build Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn with Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

It was never my plan to be a turnaround CEO, yet 16 years ago I became one. I had to make sure the company had enough cash flow to pay salaries. It wasn’t what I signed up for and it caught me by surprise – much like this recession has caught us by surprise now. […]


March 25, 2020

Pivot to Recession Proof Your Business

Gisli Olafsson is a disaster expert, speaker, and advisor on innovation and digital transformation in the social good sector. He is the Chief Technology Officer of One Acre Fund, an African based NGO that is helping small-holder farmers out of extreme poverty. Over the last 25 years, Gisli has responded to disasters across the world, […]


March 20, 2020

Leadership in Crisis with Gisli Olafsson

For the past 23 years, Anne Arvizu has been an expert in the pharmaceutical industry. She has done six years of research in the development of infectious diseases and oversees medical affairs in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Anne calls herself “part of the police force” of the pharmaceutical industry, gathering, reporting and researching data […]


March 18, 2020

Coronavirus and Entrepreneurship in Challenging Times with Anne Arvizu

  How to Create Viral Content Going viral isn’t just about having your 15 minutes of fame. If your content goes viral, your brand is exposed to a whole new audience you couldn’t ever reach organically. It’s promoting your business without having to spend on ads.  Are you worried you can never reach that many […]


February 19, 2020

How to Create Viral Content with Katya Varbanova

Love Consciousness in Business Elena Herdieckerhoff is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and consciousness coach. This is her story of how as a highly sensitive person, she founded multiple successful businesses.  From Service Based to Product Based and Back Again Elena created her first business in Paris when she was 25. “I was working in HR […]


February 12, 2020

Love Consciousness in Business with Elena Herdieckerhoff

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