How to plan your live event When you have an online business, it doesn’t mean that everything you do needs to happen online. I had been running my online business for a few years when I noticed that I craved to meet other people like myself and talk about online businesses and about how we […]


August 7, 2019

#331: How to Budget for a Live Event of Any Size

[one_third padding=”0px 0px 0 0px”]Apple Podcasts[/one_third][one_third padding=”0px 0px 0 0px”]Stitcher[/one_third][one_third_last padding=”0px 0px 0 0px”]Google Play[/one_third_last] Only 18 months ago, I had the idea of hosting a live event. Within a few short months, my team and I developed the framework to turn this idea into a reality. By September 2017, I held my first ever […]


October 8, 2018

#246: How to Create a Great Live Event for Your Audience Based on #SigrunLive

Hosting a live event is a dream that many entrepreneurs have, but this dream often comes with a lot of questions and concerns. How do you start? Where do you find event attendees? Where should you host your event and how much should you expect to pay upfront to host the live event before you […]


October 7, 2017

#76: [Sigrun Live] How I Planned and Ran My First Live Event

How to Plan and Fill a Live Event with 300 Entrepreneurs  If you think that hosting your first event is just about setting a date and inviting people, you’re in for a surprise. While a million things can go wrong, you can host your event much more successfully by having a plan and a goal.  […]


August 9, 2017

#17: How to Plan and Fill a Live Event With 300 Entrepreneurs with Lisa Larter

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