#316: How a Techie Feminist Finally Got Her Business Started

June 4, 2019

#316: [Client Success Story] How a Techie Feminist Finally Got Her Business Started

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Alex Scheach is a bold single mom who specializes in software engineering and programming. She helps other single mom entrepreneurs by providing them with top-quality plug-and-play websites for an affordable rate. With her offerings, Alex gets to empower these brave and wonderful women who take the necessary steps to achieve financial independence.
In this client success story episode Alex and I talk about how she got her business started after joining SOMBA to get the direction she needed to create a sustainable business. We also discuss how she got sucked into and overcame the shiny object syndrome and the life-changing insights Alex learned from her SOMBA peers about how to tame online noise.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The turning point that led Alex to seek help and direction for her business
  • The circumstances that led her to choose between getting help or going back to the corporate world
  • The insights Alex uncovered about membership sites
  • The most crucial lesson she learned about membership programs
  • How her business has improved since she joined SOMBA
  • The factors that make it easier to reach a six-figure business

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