2020 Year in Review Roundup From SOMBA and Mastermind Members

January 14, 2021


Sigrun Gudjonsdottir:
You’re listening to The Sigrun Show, Episode Number 415. This is a very special episode. My SOMBA students, Momentum members, and Masterminders have written a year in review.
And we have collected the best ones, 43 year in reviews, where they share their ups and downs of 2020, and how my programs have helped them go through this very special year. It’s an inspiration in many different languages. And let’s dive in to hear what the reviews are like.
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Start by listening, watching, or reading about all the wonderful years in reviews that my SOMBA students, Momentum members, and Masterminders wrote and shared with us. There, they share their ups and downs, personal and professional, how my programs have helped them, and how they have overcome the challenges of lockdown, and slowdown, and everything else that happened in 2020, and how they’ve come out on the other side, stronger, more optimistic, and as an inspiration and role model for you.
I’m very proud of my SOMBA students, Momentum members, and Masterminders, and how they have overcome all the challenges that were thrown at us in 2020. It’s a year that none of us will ever forget. It will go into the history books.
Movies will be made, books will be written, there will be lot of research done, and we will be reflecting for years to come what we did or didn’t do, how things should have been different, or what things we did right. But what is an inspiration to me, and so many others, is to see people go through all of this, and come out on the other side motivated, inspiring, and with better businesses.
Antje Joorst teaches educators to bring children closer to nature in a playful way. 2020 was a year of many firsts for her. And she wasn’t sure if her audience was interested in an online course, until she decided to take a risk, and create her very first online course in SOMBA Kickstart.
2020 was the year in which Maria de Moraes Bonilha decided to become an entrepreneur, built up her online business together with her husband, and joined SOMBA Accelerator and later, Momentum. She had a five-figure launch, right out of the gate, and learned to embrace her success and freedom. And she shared with me that 2021 is the year where she will make six figures.
Life coach Judith Pfeiffer made courage the word of the year for 2020. She redesigned her website, published 62 blog posts, and held her first big online course she created in SOMBA Kickstart over the summer.
Kerstin Sönnichsen started the year in total exhaustion, left her job, and took a break to reorientate herself. She came up with a whole new idea, and started her personal branding photography business, learning how to create and promote her first online course in SOMBA Kickstart.
2020 has taught Susanne Johannsen many things, but above all, the importance of spending time with her family. Helping her clients with healthy relationships, she wanted to increase her reach, and decided to join SOMBA Kickstart to create a new online course.
Thanks to her online marketing business, Susanne Jestel could design her fourth online course doing SOMBA Kickstart in her beach office, enjoying the sea view. She also roughly cycled 555 kilometers, and made 2020 the year with her steepest learning curve, especially when it comes to technology.
Kerstin Mader had to cancel her summer vacation because of the coronavirus, and instead decided to invest our time into SOMBA Kickstart, following her passion and teaching her clients time management in a brand new online course. She also took a leap and started to create her own community on Facebook.
Elke Spinnewyn founded her online business in January. And even though the corona crisis hit just a few weeks later, it was the best decision she ever made. She successfully held her first webinar about motivating teams for digital change, and was a guest on a popular Dutch podcast for women in business.
With the lockdown in place, Agnieszka Gaczkowska put all her energy into her online handicraft workshops, courses and programs. Throughout the year, she was grateful for the supportive community of entrepreneurial women she found in Momentum.
Radka Rubešová, her original plan was to enjoy a quiet summer holiday, but she ended up taking part in SOMBA Kickstart, and changed her business. Over 90 teachers participated in her payed online art techniques course.
When all the travel plans were canceled and the world went into lockdown, heather Matthew decided to bring the world to her. Every day for six months, she went live to inspire others, to create art and find inspiration in one’s home.
Tania Yanis Klein joined SOMBA Kickstart in January and had no idea that she would get into. She ended up creating two four-week online courses, one becoming the foundation of her new book, Forever Young, Forever Beautiful. She also made her health and well-being a priority.
2020 made clarity coach Viola Heller fully commit to her online business. She learned heart’s truth about herself, and she found love.
Iris Wangermann created a new online course in SOMBA Kickstart, Kickstart, and launched it with 40 participants. She also expanded her team, and is proud she could reach so many people with our work this year.
When business strategist Willemijn Maas decided her word for 2020 would be “robust,” she didn’t know just how much she needed to be just that in the coming months. She became a SOMBA mentor, made lots of new connections, and renovated her entire backyard.
Business coach Gema Rudilla decided it’s time to invest in herself and joined SOMBA Kickstart, published her new website, and gained clarity and focus, while Maria Busqué called 2019 an experiment in online business, 2020 became the real deal. She launched her first big online course, through support from her moment in Mastermind group, and learned how to relax in front of the camera.
Last year has pushed Bernadette Frick forward in many areas. She overcame her initial difficulties and frustrations, and created an online course focusing on coaching and offering inputs to teachers.
Martina Nýčová created the accounting course that would guide her online business, and help our clients set up their business properly, from a tax perspective. She also set out to improve her English.
Carola Epple held her online course, Virtual Reality for Psychotherapists, full-time, and grew her media library from 90 to over 200 virtual reality videos. She gained clarity and confirmation on what her offers should look like, and appreciate that the friendship and communities you found in the Momentum Group Coaching Program.
Katja Brunkhorst teaches her clients how to master their mindset and message, and has written her year interview as a funny column, complete with all the ups and downs of the year, including the drive SOMBA Accelerator and momentum gave her business.
At the beginning of the year, too big to-do points were on Katharina Tornow’s list, go on a holiday, and make her online coaching business her full-time occupation. That’s why she joined SOMBA. In 10 weeks, she was able to triple your e-mail list, created her first online course, and earned back what she had invested into the program.
2020 was a rollercoaster for Kerriann Mackenzie. Her health failed, and see rebuilt it again. Her business took off, but then she had to close it down, and she found the support she needed in SOMBA to turn what she loves most into a full-time job.
2020 taught business mentor Blanca Lilia Vergara to ask for help and speak up. She knew that this was the year to go online, and decided to sign up for SOMBA Kickstart, and then SOMBA Membership, because he saw that it would move her into action.
Journal coach Daniela Pokorny decided to step out of her comfort zone after feeling frustrated about the lack of progress of her business. The decision marked the turning point of her year.
Copywriter and blogger Judith Peters launched her signature program, invited all the people on her e-mail list to her birthday, and created a different kind of a course over the summer that boosted her energy and business, and her fitness.
The corona crisis made Franziska Panter offer new courses online, including once she developed during SOMBA kickstart. For her, 2020 was a time to discover what else you could do in her business, in addition to providing sketch notes, and she learned that numbers play a crucial role in online business.
Despite all the ups and downs, marketing expert Nicole When exceeded her expectations and goals for 2020, and has learned that it’s her mindset that determines whether she is going to be successful. Over 200 people signed up for the course that she created during SOMBA Kickstart, and she made the big step, and published that 10K offer on her website.
How she could get back to work after her first parental leave was Julia Mack-Amanatidis’s big question last spring. It turned out that online business would sweep her into a completely new direction. After successfully completing a course during SOMBA Kickstart, 12 new one-on-one clients signed up to work with her as a focus coach.
At the beginning of 2020, Natalie Schiffers-De Jong received her yoga certification, and immediately applied her knowledge online, giving women an insight into an Ayurvedic lifestyle, and helping them reduce stress with YOKA. Despite a heavy blow fate dealt her, she didn’t let herself become discouraged.
Thanks to the unexpected events of last year, Linda Horčičková has learned that she’s capable of doing much more than she thought was possible. During the 10 weeks of SOMBA Kickstart, she got more done than in the last two years, focusing on offering programs for experimental self-development.
Kasia Krasucka worked hard on our new website and used the time in isolation creatively. In addition to her language courses, she also got the opportunity to coach women on strength and resilience during uncertain times. Her business took off and she expanded her team. She also supported other women as a SOMBA mentor.
When Ragnhildur Vigfúsdóttir, that’s an Icelandic name, Ragnhildur Vigfúsdóttir, signed up for SOMBA Accelerator in the fall, she committed to taking her business online, and started organizing webinars and working together with other experts online. She ended up assisting 94 people with designing their lives, and run 25 workshops.
Despite having to throw her plans overboard, artist Sigrid Koller experienced 2020 as a year full of possibilities. When she had to cancel her painting courses and postpone her [inaudible 00:12:41], she signed up for SOMBA, took her craft online, and shortly after had her first satisfied course participants
2020 was the year in which conflict solver and coach Vanessa Laszlo fell down and got up again. Used to being a big fish in a small pond, stepping into the online world at first intimidated her. By joining SOMBA Accelerator, she created and launched their programs in no time, and pivoted to being a winner.
Michaela Brugger’s online adventure began last January, and she could never have imagined that it would become so important. She finished her psychology degree and had over 130 motivated participants in her brand new online course about gaining professional clarity.
Copywriter and author Ina Mewes started the year highly motivated and with big plans. Then the crisis hit, but thanks to SOMBA, she knew how to switch and adapt. Her online courses ran well, the audience of her podcasts grew, and she started writing a book.
2020 brought copywriter and SEO expert Jane von Klee health problems, many tears and the sensation that she was reaching her limits. But she also increased her sales six times, published her first book, and got engaged. The community she found in SOMBA helped her master this emotional rollercoaster.
Stephanie Seitz didn’t want to start her online journey alone and signed up for SOMBA. She officially registered her business and started a blog. Then she pivoted to focusing on outdoor adventures for children, and discovered the new world of social media.
Over 2,000 people Participated in the online course copywriter Ingrid Dach created in SOMBA Kickstart, and she received many beautiful testimonials. She created a children’s book that got translated into 70 languages, launched a project to help Czech and Slovak businesswomen in the crisis, spoke at two Congresses, launched and sold out to VIP offers, and became an affiliate partner of SAMBA.
When Lucie Radkovičová realized that COVID was here to stay, she sprang into action. After joining the Recession Proof Offer Bootcamp and creating an offer in a weekend, she joined SOMBA Accelerator, and set forward the course to fulfill her dream of helping lawyers with work-life balance.
Craving to be location independent, Mira Moufarrej invested in SOMBA in January. She got out of her comfort zone and dived into the online world, with courses helping her clients to find their voice, and live a fulfilled life. She confronted her fear of dogs, donated blood for the first time, and released a video with her opinion on the political situation in Lebanon, her home country.
After knowing for awhile she wanted to be self-employed, Birgit Nora Schäfer finally made the step in 2020, and founded her business. She showed a video on healthy thinking after a serious illness, worked on her message and positioning, and created her very first online course during SOMBA Kickstart, helping people who have suffered from a heart attack.
All these year in reviews are available for you to read by going to our show notes. These year in reviews are in Czech, English, German, many different languages.
I highly recommend that you go and check them out. They are absolutely wonderful, and they will inspire you to think big and take action in 2021. If this makes you curious to join one of my programs in 2021, which it should, then go to the show notes at sigrun.com/415, where you can find out how you can work with me and my team to make 2021 your best year yet.

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