Work with Your Dream Clients Regardless of Language, Location or List Size with Prerna and Mayank Malik

January 6, 2021

Work with Your Dream Clients Regardless of Language, Location or List Size with Prerna and Mayank MalikThere comes a time in your business when you’re able to choose who you work with. Maybe you’ve already identified who your dream client is. But what can you do when that dream client seems far beyond your reach? How do you convince someone who’s more known than you to trust in your services? 
Prerna and Mayank Malik, my guests this week on the Sigrun Show, have been offering their copywriting services to their dream clients for years and have managed to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. 
I met Prerna in 2013. Back then, she was offering social media management and digital media services for small business owners together with her husband Mayank. English isn’t their first language, but already back then they were working with clients in the US, Canada and Australia. 
When more and more clients asked them to write their sales copy for landing pages and emails, Prerna joined copywriting courses and a mastermind to be able to offer their clients this service. 
Today, they pivoted entirely from social media management to offering conversion copywriting and launch strategies for online course creators, and their business is thriving. 
In this episode, Prerna and Malik share how they used warm email pitches to get clients, how you can land clients from all over the world, and how you can get out of the 1-1 hamster wheel. 
Are you ready to go after your dream clients? Then tune in for some helpful strategies and advice!
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Prerna and Mayank started their copywriting business (4:26)
  • The difference between cold and warm outreach (10:17) 
  • How ‘prepared pitches’ work best and can lead to referrals (11:58)
  • What turned Prerna and Mayank’s business around (14:00)
  • How to land clients from all over the world (16:35)
  • Joining a potential client’s community (19:10)
  • Working together as husband and wife (22:20) 
  • The Content Bistro’s products (23:33)
  • How to get out of the 1-1 hamster wheel (26:59)

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Want to dive deeper? Learn how to connect with your dream client through storytelling or how to get clear on your ideal client.

How to Land Dream Clients

Sometimes your dream clients seem far out of reach – especially if you have an international business and want to enter the market of other countries. While building their copywriting business, Prerna and Mayank came up with strategies on how they could reach their dream clients and start working with people all around the world. Here’s what worked for them: 

Step 1

Start with prepared pitches. Learn about the business of the person you’re reaching out to. How can you bring value to it? Invest your time in understanding what goes on in your dream client’s business. In your pitch, come up with a specific way your service can help. Don’t fear to reach out and don’t be insulted if there’s no reply. 

Step 2

The best in the industry more often than not want to work with the best in the industry, so you need to be good at what you do. This means continuously investing in your skills so that you can bring more value to the table. The confidence this gives you will become visible to your dream client. 

Step 3

The connection you forge with your dream clients should be genuine and built over time. Don’t just connect and immediately pitch your service. Respect them for what they do and the skills they have. Maybe even join their network – it gives them a chance to get interested in what you’re doing and see your success. As soon as you feel you can add value to their business, pitch your services. 
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