Zero to 8 Figures – The Faster Way To Fat Loss Story with Amanda Tress

April 22, 2020


Zero to 8 Figures - The Faster Way To Fat Loss Story with Amanda Tress

When Amanda Tress created her virtual online bootcamp, she was one of the few people who went online without having had an offline fitness business first. Today, she teaches thousands of clients how to burn fat and live a healthier lifestyle online. 
I met Amanda in Ali Brown’s premier group and invited her as my guest this week because I was always inspired by her energy, her confidence and the way she was growing her business. 
Even though she was working in digital marketing, Amanda says she always had a passion for fitness and nutrition and was working at the gym during her lunch breaks, on evenings and weekends when she wasn’t in the office. When her oldest child was two years old, she was working 80 hours a week and started to feel guilty. 
Amanda decided that she wanted to spend more time with her family and quit her marketing job. She also wanted to focus on her passion and realized that she could use her career expertise to create an online course combining nutrition and workouts. She convinced 11 clients to sign up and by the end of the program, they all thrived. “We were on to something and we needed to get the word out there,” Amanda remembers. She turned her 11 clients into her affiliates and that’s where her success began. 
Today, Amanda is known for her program FASTer Way to Fat Loss. In the past 24 months, she went from making $1 million to $50 million in revenue. 
In this episode of the Sigrun Show, she speaks about her mission to help women in the wellness business scale their businesses and explains her business model. If you ever wondered how you can set up a membership for your own business, this interview with Amanda is for you. 
We discuss how Amanda cracked the code to be successful in the online world and looking back, what she would do differently today. 
Whether you want to understand how you can grow your business through an affiliate network or simply need a good portion of confidence, this episode will help you.
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What you will get out of this episode:

  • Amanda’s first job in digital marketing and why she quit (3:10) 
  • How she shifted towards her dream business and created her mission (4:34)
  • Amanda’s affiliate network and how it allows her to grow (8:36)
  • How Amanda’s membership works (10:08)
  • What Amanda charges for her program and why she hasn’t increased her price (12:42)
  • How Amanda’s book explains the why behind what she does (13:24)
  • Amanda’s eating schedule and why everyone should implement it (16:00)
  • What Amanda would do differently in regards to building her team (18:44)
  • How Amanda shifted her mindset by looking at data and setting goals (20:31)
  • Why Amanda has notoriously high expectations (23:14)
  • Amanda’s goals and how she got her confidence (24:43)

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