#127: From Zero to a Seven-Figure Online Business

January 3, 2018

#127: From Zero to a Seven-Figure Online Business

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Starting an online business can be exciting, challenging, and a little scary. Starting out with zero subscribers, zero followers, and just an idea and a passion can feel a little intimidating. We often hear about businesses becoming an ‘overnight success,’ but what we often don’t stop to think about is that, in reality, there is really no such thing as being an ‘overnight success’ in business.
Four years ago, when I started my online business journey, I started from zero – zero subscribers and zero revenue. In this episode, I share how I took my business from zero to 7 figures in four years, the key strategies I used to grow my online business to where it is today, and hard lessons I’ve learned about growing an online business.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • A month-by-month breakdown of how I grew my list from zero subscribers to over 13,000
  • How launching a free online course helped me grow my list and led to my first sale
  • How running weekly webinars helped me grow my list and revenue
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging thoughts, and money mindset challenges
  • The importance of consistently investing in Facebook ads
  • The importance of attending events and connecting with people in person
  • How creating workshops, live events, and retreats impacted my business
  • The impact of 90 intro calls on my business
  • How I earned my first $100,000 in one month
  • The importance of building your list every single day
  • How launching my podcast impacted my business, my email list, and my revenue
  • How word-of-mouth marketing can impact your business

Resources Mentioned:

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