6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Hannah Mang

June 25, 2021

Hannah Mang’s copywriting business was going well, but she felt as if she was trading time for money and never got around to do what she really wanted. She decided to sign up for SOMBA Kickstart in 2020, and even though she wasn’t new to online business, she started over with building her email list and client base, and created a whole new online course. 
In this episode, she shares how by following the SOMBA Kickstart process, she reached the 6 figures much faster than she could ever have done on her own.

What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Hannah benefitted from SOMBA Kickstart even though she had an established business (3:07)
  • Hannah’s lifestyle and how her online business allows her to travel (7:03)
  • How Hannah created a new online course in Kickstart and the results it brought her (8:50)
  • Reaching the 6 figures quicker because of Kickstart (10:55)
  • The importance of being held accountable and being part of a community (12:33) 
  • What’s next for Hannah and her business (14:20)
  • Why Hannah is repeating Kickstart (15:42)

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