6-Figure Breakthrough Series with Monika Stolina

June 28, 2021

Monika Stolina was going through a period of struggle after suffering tragedies in her private and professional life. She was looking for a new way to live her life and do business, and in September 2019, she decided to take a leap and participated in SOMBA Kickstart. 
In this episode, she shares how she found her life’s purpose while participating in Kickstart. Now, she has consistent 5-figure launches and has built a business she loves and can live off.  


What you will get out of this episode:

  • What Monika’s life and business was like before joining Kickstart (2:30)
  • Monika’s experience in Kickstart (8:23)
  • How much money Monika made with her online course (11:53)
  • Monika’s advice to other women (13:54)

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I truly wish this program existed when I started out.
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