#310: 8 Lessons from Michelle Obama’s Book Tour for Becoming

April 24, 2019

#310: 8 Lessons from Michelle Obama’s Book Tour for Becoming

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I recently flew to Amsterdam for one night to meet with over 20 SOMBA participants. One of the stops on Michelle Obama’s tour for her book Becoming was being held there in the Ziggo Dome with over 15,000 fans, and I simply could not pass up the opportunity to see the former US First Lady in person.
In this episode, I share 8 lessons from attending Michelle Obama’s book tour. I discuss how my values and beliefs on raising children align with Michelle Obama’s and why entrepreneurs need to focus on their health and wellness. As well as sharing how Michelle has inspired me to let go of perfectionism and ask for help. I also share the mantra Michelle used as First Lady when faced with political attacks and why I’ve decided to adopt this mantra when reacting to comments and feedback online.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Michelle Obama raised her children on the concept of “raising adults” vs “raising children”
  • Michelle’s values for maintaining a stable lifestyle for her children despite frequent travel
  • Why Michelle worked so hard to get accepted into Princeton University and why she emphasises the importance of education
  • Michelle’s morning fitness routine and why she believes health and fitness is important
  • The importance of asking for help
  • How Michelle’s mantra helps her manage negative criticism as a powerful female leader
  • The “soft power” Michelle used as First Lady to scale her impact on the country and the world
  • The importance of sharing your story

Resources Mentioned:

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