#309: How to Monetize Your Brand as an Influencer with Gwen Lane

April 17, 2019

#309: How to Monetize Your Brand as an Influencer with Gwen Lane

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Gwen Lane is a lifestyle entrepreneur with a background in digital marketing who coaches other influencers – as well as aspiring influencers – in ways to expand their reach and maximize their revenue as well as their impact. Her advertising experience has led her to work in the entertainment and e-commerce industries such as Disney, Nike, Nordstrom, and Facebook.
Gwen joins me to discuss influencer marketing and define what an influencer is, what they do, and how you can become one. She talks about the strategies she used to achieve her influencer status as well as the different ways you can monetize your influence on top of brand sponsorship. She also shares a powerful tool that will help you market yourself as a digital influencer to brands and companies as well as the right approach to take when you are a beginner influencer.
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“If you do it with good intentions, to help your audience, then the right brands and the right people will partner with you.” – Gwen Lane” username=”sigruncom”]

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Gwen’s business accelerated because of her corporate background
  • When she started her blog, The LA Girl
  • The criteria for being an influencer
  • The different kinds of influencers, based on their follower numbers
  • Why there’s a big advantage for companies and brands to work with influencers
  • Can coaches also be influencers?
  • How to make an Influencer Portfolio
  • The going rate for influencer marketing
  • How small brands can take advantage of influencer marketing for their products
  • The right way to approach influencers if you want to work with them
  • Why choose to be an influencer when there are so many already

Connect with Gwen Lane:

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