#311: How to Build an Effective Team with Theresa Loe

May 1, 2019

#311: How to Build an Effective Team with Theresa Loe

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Theresa Loe is a serial entrepreneur and business coach who founded her business as a result of the first two businesses she started simultaneously. She is the host of the award-winning Living Homegrown podcast where she talks about food and organic gardening. For nine years, Theresa was the co-executive TV producer of Growing A Greener World, a popular gardening series in the US on the PBS network.
Theresa joins me to discuss her entrepreneurial journey as she pivots from one business to another. She explains why having a team is important for the growth of your business and how to hire a team when the right time comes. Theresa also shares what an integrator is and the significant role this person plays in the success of your business as well as the signs to look for to assure that you and your potential integrator are headed in the right direction.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How other influencers noticed Theresa and how this affected her career trajectory
  • How she transformed from nothing to the authority figure her audience is looking for
  • Why her group coaching services immediately took off
  • The purpose of bringing people on your team and how this step affects your business growth
  • What an integrator is and the personality tests that potential integrators can take to assess their fit
  • The three different types of leaders necessary in the online space
  • Why Theresa uses the word “leader” instead of member to refer to each person in her team
  • How having an “impact goal” affects your business and team success
  • Why it’s crucial to share your vision with your first team member on the first day
  • How to build trust in the decisions that your team is making
  • How knowing your personality helps you as an entrepreneur
  • Why it’s crucial for everyone on your team to match your core values

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