#312: Building a Dream Team for Your Online Business

May 8, 2019

#312: Building a Dream Team for Your Online Business

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Most entrepreneurs, if not all, want to have the right people on their team. The person with the right skills who accepts the challenge and matches your values – that would be the perfect match! While it is good to set expectations for your team and your business, remember to set realistic expectations about the things that go right – and wrong – when hiring people.
It may take time to build your dream team, but it will definitely be worth it.
I share how I built the dream teams I’ve had in the past as well as how I am building my current dream team for my online business. I dive into my experiences of both hiring and firing people and share tips on how you can build – and maintain – your dream team to help you grow and scale your online business.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How firing people can be a good thing for your business as well as for the person you’re firing
  • What you can do to help those who will need to look for new employment
  • What to prioritize before you start hiring people for your dream team
  • My philosophy for hiring and firing people
  • The different roles every company needs to thrive
  • Where I found the members in my team
  • The frustrating experiences I’ve had with hiring and the lessons I learned
  • My biggest takeaway from the Off the Charts Conference in 2015
  • The block that’s preventing me from hiring my dream team
  • The hiring process my team and I went through as we search for the right candidates
  • The current members of Team Sigrun

Resources Mentioned:

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