How to Create a Compelling Vision with Blanca Vergara

June 2, 2021

How to Create a Compelling Vision with Blanca Vergara
Do you have a compelling vision for your online business? 
Having a vision doesn’t only give your business purpose and direction, it also helps you define your goals. A powerful vision plays a big role in leading your business to success. 
Last summer, Blanca Vergara participated in my 10-week program SOMBA Kickstart. She started the program thinking she wanted to be a business coach, but during the 10 weeks, she underwent a big transformation and found her true calling. 
In this episode, she shares how she discovered what she was truly meant to do in this world and how she created a compelling vision for her new business. We also talk about the importance of giving yourself permission to move forward, and what you can do if you’re struggling to nail down your vision.



What you will get out of this episode:

  • How Blanca found her true strengths in Kickstart (2:16)
  • Blanca’s epiphany (8:21)
  • How Blanca’s vision crystallized (11:16) 
  • Giving yourself permission (13:27) 
  • Blanca’s upcoming book (15:38)
  • How you can find your passion (17:48)

Do you need help creating a compelling vision?

If this is something you struggle with, I have just the thing for you: 
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