#307: How to Create an Engaging Community Ready to Buy in Your Facebook Group with Christina Jandali

April 3, 2019

#307: How to Create an Engaging Community Ready to Buy in Your Facebook Group with Christina Jandali

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Christina Jandali is a business growth strategist who helps boost her clients’ profits through the power of Facebook. She’s passionate about helping those who want to do more and be more outside of their 9-to-5 jobs. She also helps entrepreneurs get seen and make their business stand out in today’s busy market.
Christina joins me to share how to create an engaged Facebook community ready to buy your offerings. She explains why seemingly popular Facebook groups sometimes close down, the importance of paying attention to the kind of content you share in your Facebook community and the metrics you should – and should not – pay attention to as a Facebook group owner. She also shares how Facebook groups benefit new business owners as well as multiple six-figure entrepreneurs, and how your Facebook members can become ambassadors of your group.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Christina figured out what she was meant to do
  • How she created her first program
  • What drove her to create her Facebook community
  • How community engagement comes naturally
  • How to find the purpose for your posts
  • The difference between vanity metrics and purposeful engagement
  • How to sell on Facebook Groups without sounding salesy
  • How to filter the right people into your group
  • The benefits of having a Facebook page versus a Facebook group
  • When to hire a community manager to help manage your Facebook group

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