#215: The Dark Side of Online Business

July 27, 2018

#215: The Dark Side of Online Business

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Like many things in life, online business has a bright side and a darker side. For years, I’ve shared the ups and downs of running an online business, but there is a darker side that many people don’t talk about.
As entrepreneurs, we want to increase our online visibility. We want to grow our email lists and engage with our followers, fans, and subscribers. But sometimes, running an online business can attract the wrong kind of attention.
In this episode, I share my experience with the dark side of an online business. I talk about receiving creepy emails and rude comments on my Facebook posts and ads as well as the strategies I used to handle these situations. I also explain why ignoring rude comments on your Facebook business page posts is often the best solution for dealing with online trolls and how those trolls are actually helping you grow your online business without realizing it.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • My experience with receiving creepy emails and how I handled it
  • My experience with online trolls
  • Why the way you handle online trolls on your private Facebook profile should be different than the way you handle rude or negative comments on your Facebook business page
  • Why hiding rude comments on your Facebook business page is a better option than deleting it
  • Why you should not respond to online trolling attempts

Key Takeaways:

  1. Do not delete rude, creepy, or spam comments on your Facebook business page posts. Simply hide them.
  2. When people comment on your Facebook business page posts – even if they are trolling messages – they are increasing your reach. The bigger your reach, the lower ad cost you will have – therefore, a bigger profit!
  3. Remember – you have the right to ignore trolls and move on with your life and business.

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