#289: [Client Case Study] The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster and Then 80 Sales of My First Online Course with Claudia Nichterl

January 16, 2019

289 [Client Case Study] The Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster and Then 80 Sales of My First Online Course with Claudia Nichterl

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Claudia Nichterl is a nutritionist and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) expert who did more than 7,000 nutrition consultations and created over 1,000 cooking courses in the last 17 years. She is also a lecturer at the Danube University and Viennese School of TCM. She encourages others to be healthy and fit and offers simple yet delightful meals through hundreds of recipes from the cookbooks she has written.
In this Client Case Study episode, Claudia shares the entrepreneurial roller coaster ride she went through as she discusses the ups and downs of her business. She shares how she got 80 sales on her first online course, explains who she writes the books for, and what happened after she left her day job to become a full-time entrepreneur. She also shares the importance of asking for help as you simplify your business model and how her mastermind group helped her not only in the direction of her business but also during one of the toughest times in her personal life.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Claudia invested in herself and her business in the first few years of her business
  • Why she pursued TCM education
  • How she started her business even before finishing her TCM education
  • Why the first book is the most difficult to write
  • What inspired her to write her first cookbook in six weeks
  • What made her sign another contract for two more books after already writing and publishing more than a dozen
  • How her cooking studio and cooking programs affected her business
  • How long it took her to recover from the financial exhaustion of building a new flat and new cooking studio
  • The time she realized she needed a new business model
  • How to do a “spring cleaning” on your business
  • The first steps she took as she moves her business online
  • What she did to finally break through on her business
  • What enabled her to enjoy a trip to Mastermind Retreat Iceland
  • Her breakthroughs and realizations from the Mastermind Retreat Iceland
  • How she plans to shift her offline business to online this year

Connect with Claudia Nichterl:

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