#288: [Client Case Study] How Finding My Zone of Genius Helped Me Achieve My Financial Goals with Claudia Homberg

January 14, 2019

#288: [Client Case Study] How Finding My Zone of Genius Helped Me Achieve My Financial Goals with Claudia Homberg

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Claudia Homberg is a certified LifeBalance Coach and Trainer who empowers women to turn their stress into strength. Her passion for helping and inspiring women stems from an experience ten years ago when she had to turn her life around after she broke her spine in an accident. A former journalist, flamenco dancer, and choreographer, Claudia now helps female executives and high-performers be better and perform better by focusing on clarity, balance, and charisma.  
In this Client Case Study episode, Claudia shares how her journey to overcome physical pain led her to discover her zone of genius, build a successful business, and achieve her financial goals. She discusses the effects that her accident had on her job and income. She also explains the mindset shift she experienced when she joined a mastermind group that allowed her to reach her “magic number” as well as the essence of the big umbrella of her business—from stress to inner strength.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The turning point in Claudia’s life that started her journey
  • How her accident turned her life around
  • How she worked on being healthy again
  • The customer journey her clients take in her business
  • How her mastermind community helped her focus on her business
  • How her mindset has shifted as she takes on her next goal to achieve $100,000
  • Why she doesn’t feel the need to add more courses to her current list of programs
  • Why “EASE” is her word for 2019

Connect with Claudia Homberg:

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