#211: How I Finally Quit My 30 Year Addiction to Coca-Cola

July 18, 2018

#211: How I Finally Quit My 30 Year Addiction to Coca-Cola

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For 30 years, I have enjoyed the dark, fizzy, sugar-filled drink – Coca-Cola. In fact, I remember drinking it as a child during special occasions. As I grew older, my enjoyment for the dark drink began to grow. When I was 20 and I moved to Germany to attend university, I clearly remember enjoying a cold bottle of Coca-Cola every day during my lunch breaks.
The funny thing about addictions, though, is that you don’t see it as an addiction while you are addicted.
It wasn’t until recently that I decided to finally break my 30 year addiction to Coca-Cola, and although it’s only been two weeks since I’ve quit, I want to share my journey with this addiction and how I plan to finally break this habit once and for all.
In this episode, I talk about how my addiction began, and how addictions can impact your ability to think rationally. I also explain how the lizard brain impacts your decision to break addictions and the strategies I’m using to stay accountable in achieving my goal.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How my addiction to Coca-Cola began
  • How my addiction eventually led to weight gain
  • Withdrawal symptoms I experienced 10 years ago when I tried to overcome my addiction
  • Why I believe my first attempt at overcoming my addiction didn’t work
  • How I realized my addiction to Coca-Cola was getting out of hand
  • How addictions impact your ability to think rationally
  • Why I finally decided to break free of my addiction to Coca-Cola
  • Strategies I’m using to achieve my goal
  • How your mindset impacts your ability to break an addiction

Key Takeaways:

  1. Breaking free from an addiction is all about mindset.
  2. The decision to break an addiction takes only a second, but the time it takes to be willing to make that decision can take years.
  3. It’s in your hands to make the decision to break an addiction.

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