#38: [Client Case Study] How Going Live Daily for 100 Days Changed My Business with Michelle Seaton Witte

August 30, 2017

Michelle Seaton Witte is a Facebook Live expert who has spent the majority of her life on stage or in front of the camera. Following her passion for performance and using her degree in Marketing, she became a Facebook Live and Presentation Coach to help entrepreneurs feel comfortable in their own skin and leverage the power of presenting on stage and in live videos.
She joins me in this episode to share how she discovered her passion for Facebook Live and why she decided to do 100 live videos in 100 days. She also explains how going live daily for 100 days has significantly impacted her business.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Michelle got started with Facebook Live videos
  • Overcoming mindset blocks and fears
  • How to use Facebook Live videos to authentically build your audience
  • Using challenges to develop ideas for online programs
  • How to use Facebook ads and Live challenges to grow your list

Key Takeaway:

  • Once you overcome caring what other people think of you, you become addicted to the endorphin rush.

Connect with Michelle Seaton Witte:

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