#270: How to Be a Great Affiliate

December 4, 2018

#270: How to Be a Great Affiliate

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Affiliate marketing is a great way to have multiple streams of income as an online entrepreneur. But, being a great affiliate marketer is more than simply having an affiliate link, sending out an email to your list, and sharing the link on social media.
So, what are the secrets of becoming a great affiliate marketer?
In this episode, I share what it takes to become a master at affiliate marketing. I explain the difference between first referrer and last referrer affiliate strategies, how to choose the right affiliate partners to promote your programs, and how to collaborate with your partners to ensure your program and partners achieve success. I also share the 7-step process that master affiliates go through to become successful marketers and why your close-cart strategy is crucial to the success of your affiliate launch.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why I work with affiliates and how it has changed my business
  • The benefits of being an affiliate
  • The three types of affiliate marketers
  • The importance of treating your affiliate marketing strategy the same as you would your own product launches
  • Strategies to simplify sharing your affiliate products
  • The importance of getting clear on why you want to promote an affiliate partner
  • Creating a strategy to introduce your affiliate partners to your audience
  • Creating a strategy and plan for how you will support your affiliate partners
  • The benefits, drawbacks, and difference between first referrer and last referrer
  • How much you should pay your affiliates to promote your online courses, masterminds, and group programs
  • How to choose the right affiliates for your programs
  • How to work and collaborate with your affiliate partners
  • The content to share with your affiliate partners to ensure their success
  • The 7 steps master affiliate marketers take to ensure success
  • Adding bonus content to your affiliate marketing strategy
  • How your close-cart strategy impacts your success as an affiliate marketer

Resources Mentioned:

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