#255: [On Air Coaching] How to Get Clear on Your Ideal Client with Ann-Katrin Kossendey-Kosh

October 29, 2018

#255: How to Get Clear on Your Ideal Client with Ann-Katrin Kossendey-Kosh

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Ann-Katrin Kossendey-Kosh is a health coach, pharmacist and herbal therapy specialist, and certified pediatric nutritionist. She is a Certified MetaCheck consultant, allergy consultant, freelance speaker, author, and Systemic coach. Currently, she runs an offline coaching practice as well as an online business where she offers a wide range of herbal supplements for improved health and wellness. After the birth of her youngest child, she decided to focus more exclusively on running an online business.
Ann-Katrin joins me in this On Air Coaching episode to get clear on her ideal client and learn how to pivot her business to focus on a more specific, niche market. I explain how to identify and attract your ideal client and the marketing mistakes many new entrepreneurs make while starting their journey. I also explain how to change your business focus to attract your ideal client and strategies to create new products more suitable for your new audience.
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“Ideal clients show themselves to us sometimes through our own experiences. So, we are our previous ideal client.” – Sigrun ” username=”sigruncom”]

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Combining your professional background and education with your previous life experiences to identify your ideal client
  • The effects of sharing your methods in your marketing campaigns
  • How to attract your ideal client
  • Identifying the overlap in your audience
  • Overcoming the fear of leaving people behind when pivoting your business
  • How to develop programs and products for your new ideal clients


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