#30: [Client Case Study] How I Did My First Five-Figure Launch with Lisa Peek

August 22, 2017

Lisa Peek, founder of The Impact Ripple, is a money and impact coach who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs play a bigger game in their businesses and transform their mindset around money through her online courses and coaching programs. Lisa has previously joined me in Episode 18 for On Air Coaching to figure out how to take her offline business to an online platform.
In this episode, Lisa joins me for the very first Client Case Study episode to share how she successfully launched and marketed her first five-figure online course. She also shares some of the mindset challenges she faced during her launch and how she overcame them.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How she tracked the progress of her goals
  • How passion and staying committed to her vision helped her achieve her goals
  • Dealing with mindset challenges
  • Lessons she learned throughout her launch
  • Learning about Facebook ads and how retargeting ads work
  • Her launch strategy and how she grew her list
  • How long she kept the cart open and why she feels it was too long
  • Offering a bonus for “fast action-takers”
  • How interacting and engaging with her audience impacted the success of her launch
  • How messenger bots can help make it easier to interact with your audience
  • What she plans to do differently for her next launch

Resources Mentioned:


Key Takeaways:

Take things step-by-step. You can’t force anything.
Stay focused.
Interact and engage with your audience.

Connect with Lisa Peek:

The Impact Ripple
Lisa’s Facebook page

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