#193: [On Air Coaching] How to Attract Action-Takers with Ivana Drobek

June 6, 2018

#193: [On Air Coaching] How to Attract Action-Takers with Ivana Drobek

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Ivana Drobek is a Personal Development Coach focused on supporting women who are in the second phase of their lives. After working in various HR departments while working in the corporate world, she now helps women rediscover their purpose when they are stuck and uncertain about how to move forward. She also helps them rediscover their purpose so they can lead joyful and fulfilling lives.  
Ivana joins me in this On Air Coaching episode to learn how to attract action-takers – clients willing to engage and act on the services she offers. I share the difference between action-takers and freebie-hunters as well as strategies on how to attract action-takers to grow your online business. I also explain the different benefits clients receive or experience when they decide to purchase a product or service as well as the reason why people settle for the freebies you share over the services you offer.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The key focus of Ivana’s business
  • How her clients feel after rediscovering their purpose
  • What she saw in women that led her to start her online coaching business
  • Why clients buy one product over another
  • The kind of client she should attract
  • The relevance of images and wording in the type of client you attract
  • Why the people in her group are settling for the freebies
  • How she determined whether to continue her Facebook Group

Key Takeaways:

  1. A benefit doesn’t always have to be measured by money.
  2. Wanting to help, we may sometimes attract the freebie hunters—the people who sign up for all kinds of free stuff, but they are not the action-takers.
  3. It’s better to attract people who are ready to take action right away.
  4. Whatever problem you were solving, find the opposite—which is the solution. Figure out how to bring out your expertise.

Resources Mentioned:

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