#104: [On Air Coaching] Who is Your Right Ideal Client with Insa Künkel

November 8, 2017

[On Air Coaching] Who is Your Right Ideal Client with Insa Künkel

Insa Künkel is the founder of Text and Training. She has been a freelancer, working as an editor and business trainer, for more than ten years. She has acquired a law degree and is currently a workshop facilitator and a professional content creator, writing corporate blogs, newsletters, and other types of online content.
Insa joins me in this On Air Coaching episode to learn how to discover who her ideal client is. I also explain the types of questions you should ask your potential client so you can understand them more, recognize their needs, and determine how to create your sales pitch to attract the right clients.
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In This On Air Coaching Episode on The Sigrun Show:

  • The new career direction Insa wants to pursue
  • The initial steps she took to determine her ideal client
  • Where to look for the right client
  • The next step after you’ve identified your ideal client
  • Crafting your “Work with Me” page
  • Writing your “About Me” page
  • Strategic approach in distinguishing your clients’ needs

Key Takeaways:

  1. Do not publish about who your ideal client is. Write a blog post with their perspective in mind.
  2. Talk to at least three people to confirm the description of your ideal client.
  3. Skip price discussions in your interview with them.

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