#55: From Overwhelmed to an Organized Entrepreneur with Lisa Woodruff

September 16, 2017

Lisa Woodruff, who grew up from a family of entrepreneurs, created a system of organization called The Sunday Basket in 2002. This concept is so compelling that Lisa now has 24 licensed Sunday Basket workshop providers in two countries and conducts income-generating organizing classes online. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur and a home organization expert, she has also written the books The Mindset of Organization and How ADHD Affects Home Organization and created the blog and podcast Organize365.
In this episode, Lisa shares how you can plan your day so you can focus on your business and still be able to organize your home and become an organized entrepreneur. She goes over how you can have your home organized in a year by decluttering and organizing for only 15 minutes in a day. She also explains the value of the Friday Box, another organization system designed for busy and thriving entrepreneurs.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How to convert a blog to a business
  • How to figure out the core idea for your business
  • Options to avoid messes for busy entrepreneurs
  • The significance of being firm with your working hours
  • What to do if your house is a mess
  • Where to start when decluttering your home
  • The Sunday Basket system for home organization
  • The Friday Box system for business organization

Key Takeaways:

  1. Know when you are most productive and prioritize your business, not household chores, during those hours.
  2. Save time on dishwashing by using paper plates, eating out, or having food delivered.
  3. An organized closet allows you to conserve energy for decision-making in your business so you’re not spending energy in choosing which clothes to wear.

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