#286: [Client Case Study] How I Reinvented My Business and Grew My Income with Tania Blanco

January 9, 2019

#286: [Client Case Study] How I Reinvented My Business and Grew My Income with Tania Blanco

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Tania Blanco is on a mission – to guide and inspire passionate women to unleash their inner light, unlock their genius, and discover their natural communication style. She helps women build connections in their businesses and their lives and, most importantly, helps them reveal their deepest desires. She has over 25 years of experience in communications, education, personal development, and spirituality.
In this Client Case Study episode, Tania joins me to discuss how her change in perspective led her to reinvent her business and expand her income. Tania shares her personal crises, which included struggling to communicate with others when she relocated to a different country. She explains how it led her to re-evaluate her “Why” and helped her to discover her new purpose. Also how her business mindset and direction shifted after she attended a mastermind, how the mastermind helped her determine the business niche that would change her life, and how she rekindled her love for her work.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Tania pursued the entrepreneurial path
  • Why she moved from Mexico to Switzerland
  • The reason she didn’t want to be a part of the corporate world
  • Who she turned to when she went through a business crisis
  • What Tania’s business looked like two years ago
  • When she let go of the old business model and why she stalled on this significant step
  • Why she ran online courses and her goals this year for these courses
  • The thing she is currently very passionate about and how it led her to make sales
  • How joining a mastermind group changed the way she perceives her business

Connect with Tania Blanco:

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