#287: [Client Case Study] How My Online Business Took Off with Virtual Summits with Helen Maffini

January 11, 2019

#287: [Client Case Study] How My Online Business Took Off with Virtual Summits with Helen Maffini

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Helen Maffini is a serial entrepreneur and the Director of MindBE Education, a company that offers coaching, consulting, and other services to help parents, teachers, and children be their best selves through mindfulness, positive psychology, and social-emotional learning. She collaborates with organizations such as schools and governments to encourage and develop wellness and happiness in children and adults alike. She has traveled all over the world, lived in 13 different countries, and has written three books including Developing Children’s Emotional Intelligence.
In this Client Case Study episode, Helen shares how her online business thrived as she began organizing virtual summits. She discusses where her entrepreneurial spirit came from and how she became the serial entrepreneur that she is today. As well as explaining how she kicked off her first virtual summit and how her go-getter attitude led her to exciting adventures in her business. She also shares how joining a mastermind group helped her grow as an entrepreneur, how it impacted her business, and reveals her big and exciting plans for 2019.
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In This Client Case Study Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Helen started an online travel blog and how this hobby turned into a business
  • The different roads her referrals took her and how this diversion affected her business direction
  • How her fear of saying no impacted her business
  • Her first virtual summit and the unexpected feedback she got from it
  • Her upcoming mindfulness summits for preschoolers and 11 to 14-year-old children
  • The different virtual assistants (VAs) she hires for her business
  • How she repaid her mastermind group for their support
  • What gave her the idea to write a book and how she kicked it off
  • Why she continues to learn and to attend different types of conferences
  • The different mindfulness workshops to look forward to at her live event

Connect with Helen Maffini:

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