#57: How to Sell in an Engaging Way on Stage with Colin Boyd

September 18, 2017

Colin Boyd is a Certified Professional Speaker, trainer, and NLP practitioner, helping business owners and entrepreneurs increase their impact, discover new levels of confidence, and communicate their ideas on any stage or platform. He has worked with countless businesses, corporations, and entrepreneurs, including Hewlett Packard, Anytime Fitness, Aurora Energy, and The Coaching Institute to help them improve their communication and productivity skills and provide them with EQ strategies to stand out among their competitors.
In this episode, Colin shares his journey into marketing, public speaking, and presenting on stage. He shares valuable tips on how to market and sell your programs, products, and services through speaking and storytelling while keeping your audience engaged.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Colin discovered his passion for teaching and presenting on stage
  • Your presentation is about your audience – not you
  • The fundamental process you need to know as a presenter
  • What is “untrained intuition”
  • Understanding the structure and flow of your presentation
  • Developing your skill as a speaker
  • How to develop a connection with your audience
  • How identifying the underlying purpose of your speech helps you develop conviction
  • Overcoming tension and anxiety before presenting
  • Using special and time-limited offers to sell your product or service at an event
  • Applying public speaking strategies to webinars, podcasting, and other platforms

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