#80: How to Sell and Run a VIP Day with Sarah Leather

October 11, 2017

Sarah Leather is a former intensive care nurse who pivoted her career to become a business coach. Today, her business focuses exclusively on high-end offers such as VIP Days, Masterminds, retreats, and what she calls “wholehearted sales.” She is a TEDx speaker and the facilitator of the annual Healthy Wealthy Woman Retreat and has become widely known as the “Nurturing Butt-Kicker” for the way she helps her clients get out of their own way and create a life of abundance and success.
Sarah tells us her secrets on how to sell and run a VIP Day event. She explains how she sells her high-end programs from a place of authenticity, how she identifies which clients are ideal for a VIP Day event as well as why it’s important to manage your clients’ expectations following the event.

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  1. What a VIP Day is and how you sell it
  2. Identifying the ideal clients for your VIP Day
  3. The “wholehearted yes”
  4. Pricing strategies for your first VIP Day
  5. In-person vs remote VIP Days
  6. Picking the right venue for your live VIP Day
  7. Managing client expectations
  8. Using VIP Day events to launch other high-end programs

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