#81: From Five to Seven Figures with Lorraine Dallmeier

October 12, 2017

From Five to Seven Figures with Lorraine Dallmeier

Lorraine Dallmeier is a biologist who bought an online business four years ago as a hobby business. Today, she finds herself the Director of the accredited Formula Botanica, an organic cosmetic science school that accommodates almost 4,000 enrollees and offers award-winning programs that equip others who want to start their organic skincare and haircare business.
Lorraine explains how her background as a biologist and program manager helped her pursue and grow her eLearning business and how she grew her business from 5 to 7 figures. She also shares the challenges she and her team face in operating the business, how overcoming these hurdles made them better and stronger, and the direction she wants her company to go.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The hats Lorraine wears in the business
  • Buying the business and building it from scratch
  • Changes she made to expand the business
  • Contributing factors that led to her success
  • Tools she uses to run the business
  • How the company got accredited and became award-winning

Key Takeaways:

  1. You need a plan.
  2. Find the right people and the right remote team and get them in the right mindset.
  3. Create the tech systems that allow you to scale.

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Lorraine Dallmeier:

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