#227: How to Start a Business in a Foreign Language and Make Five-Figure Months with Sonja Limone

August 24, 2018

#227: How to Start a Business in a Foreign Language and Make Five-Figure Months with Sonja Limone

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Sonja Limone is the founder of a boutique web agency that helps clients market their services and courses to the right audience. She specializes in launch support and post-launch analysis for course creators and creates successful marketing strategies for new businesses. She’s also a passionate coach and mentor and offers web design and audience growth training for online entrepreneurs.
Sonja joins me to share how she left Austria and became an online entrepreneur in a foreign country even though English is not her native language. We discuss the mindset blocks that prevented her from building the coaching business she truly wanted and how she eventually overcame them. She also offers advice for entrepreneurs who want to launch products or services in English for the first time but are nervous about the fact that they are not native English speakers.
[tweetshareinline tweet=”“This inner feeling of my English not being good enough actually took a toll on how I saw my expertise as a coach.” – Sonja Limone” username=”sigruncom”]

In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • Why Sonja relocated to the U.S.A.
  • The reasons she decided to start an online business
  • Why she felt like she needed to re-learn how to coach in English
  • How her insecurities about her English made her abandon coaching and start a different business
  • How she started a web agency as a self-taught designer and developer
  • How perfectionism prevented her from committing to what she loves to do, working with what she has and learning as she goes
  • The biggest mental shift she experienced in her perfectionism
  • How she transitioned her web agency to include more coaching
  • The surprising advantage of English being her second language
  • Why she believes there is a need for more comprehensive education on launching
  • Her advice for others launching products or services in a language that is not their native language

Connect with Sonja Limone:

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