#228: Copywriter’s Advice – Take Four Months Off and Double Your Revenue with Sarah Grear

August 27, 2018

#228: Copywriter’s Advice - Take Four Months Off and Double Your Revenue with Sarah Grear

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Sarah Grear is a persuasive copywriting expert who has written for more than 300 projects for influential creatives and healers. She is a speaker and published author who teaches DIY online writing classes to entrepreneurs eager to improve their web copy. She has also been named one of “50 Must-Follow Women Entrepreneurs” by the Huffington Post.
Sarah joins me to discuss the creative ways in which she has packaged her copywriting services and how they helped her double her revenue and take four months off during the year. We discuss how to think outside the box when it comes to pricing your services and generating leads. Sarah also explains her theory behind “getting your pricing sea legs” and why building a team is crucial for you to scale your business.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Sarah shifted from charging market rates per hour to charging flat rates per project
  • How she transitioned from local journalism work to online work
  • Why she had to learn to say no to money
  • How she used what her clients were asking for to build packaged offerings
  • Why she charges upfront
  • What she means by “getting your pricing sea legs”
  • How a speaking engagement resulted in more project leads
  • Why she thinks copywriters should have video meetings with their clients
  • The importance of referral relationships
  • Why you should invite your potential client’s team members to join video meetings
  • How she was able to take four months off during the year
  • Why she decided to build a team
  • How the lead generation from speaking events became her biggest pitfall
  • The strategy she used to take back control over her lead generation
  • How she pivoted to start earning a residual profit from some of her client work
  • Her new personal mission

Connect with Sarah Grear:

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