#229: The Story Behind SOMBA – Sigrun’s Online MBA

August 29, 2018

#229: The Story Behind SOMBA - Sigrun’s Online MBA

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Many entrepreneurs dream of creating a signature product that is uniquely theirs, but this dream does not come without pressure – which is often self-inflicted. Once you have the idea for the signature product, there is still a lot of research, testing, and development to be done. The key is to listen to what your audience needs and offer them a solution to their problem.
I explain what SOMBA is, how it became my signature program, and how it has evolved over time. I share a glimpse into how I continued to build my business while searching for what would become my signature product and why you need to be patient during this process. I also share how I was able to repurpose content I had already created into a program that is unique.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The first online course I created and how I knew I wanted to create a signature program
  • Why a business course made me determined to create a program that was unique to me
  • How over 100 weekly webinars led to a membership site and eventually to a Facebook group and my Lifestyle Business Library
  • How I knew that the membership site was not my signature product
  • How I moved forward in my business and doubled my revenue while trying to develop my unique program
  • What I noticed about my peers while studying for my MBA and how it helped shape SOMBA
  • How the lessons that were missing from my MBA studies influenced the creation of SOMBA
  • Why I am glad I waited for the perfect idea for my signature program
  • How celebrating a successful launch in my webinar encouraged people to buy my programs and products
  • The top two aspects of SOMBA that entrepreneurs love
  • Why you must be willing to adapt your signature program for your audience
  • The importance of sharing the right content without overwhelming your audience
  • Why I do not recommend people watch all the modules in SOMBA

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