This week I want to share Claudia Nichterl’s story with you. Claudia and I have been working together for a while, and this is the second year she is in my VIP mastermind.  She is a nutritionist working in Vienna and looks back on 18 years of experience in her field. At first, her business […]


September 2, 2020

How I Did My First Six Figure Launch with a New Program with Claudia Nichterl

Copywriter’s Advice: How to Go From Six to Seven Figures Words hold a lot of power, especially for online businesses. With your copywriting, you convince your target audience that your product or service will solve their need and offer them value.  Sarah Grear, copywriter and copy conversion expert, works with six and seven figure coaches […]


September 20, 2017

#59: Copywriter’s Advice: How to Go From Six to Seven Figures with Sarah Grear

Jeanet Bathoorn is a Social Media Expert and the founder of Freedom Entrepreneurs (VrijheidsOndernemers®) where she helps entrepreneurs build the life of freedom they deserve. She is a best-selling author of 5 books, including Get Social in Business, as well as the facilitator of the Freedom Entrepreneurs TransAtlantic Cruise – a cruise retreat where entrepreneurs […]


September 1, 2017

#40: [Client Case Study] How I Changed My Business and Had a Six-Figure Launch with Jeanet Bathoorn

Launching is one of the best ways to sell an online program. Not only does it create buzz, excitement, and a sense of urgency for your new program, the effects of a successful launch can last for a while – even beyond your launch. In 2014, I had my first proper online program launch. In […]


August 31, 2017

#39: 20 Launch Lessons from a $280K Launch

Katrin Hill is a Facebook Marketing Expert who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses by developing strategies to make Facebook work for them. She is recognized in the industry for organically growing her Facebook community. I first met Katrin in my Accelerator Mastermind program before she joined my VIP program. She already had […]


August 26, 2017

#34: [Client Case Study] How I Did My First Six-Figure Launch with Katrin Hill

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