#48: [Client Case Study] The Transformation from Impossible to Possible with Esther de Charon

September 9, 2017

Esther de Charon, a.k.a. The Wonderfully Weird Soul Whisperer, is a Certified Transformational Coach, an author, an artist, and an Art Historian with over 25 years of experience in the International Culture, Arts & Design, and Consultancy industries. She has worked with entrepreneurs and large brands such as KLM, Fortis Bank, and GreenWish and has been featured in several publications including The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Thrive Global.
Esther joins me on today’s Client Case Study to share her entrepreneurial story and how she transformed her business to achieve the impossible. She explains how strategically planning her challenges and launches has allowed her to go from having no clients to helping over 1,000 “wonderfully weird” female entrepreneurs.

In this Client Case Study on The Sigrun Show:

  • How Esther felt about her business one year ago
  • Why she decided to invest in a mastermind
  • The transformational moment in her business
  • The importance of planning your launch or challenge instead of “launching from the hip”
  • How her previous work experience played a role in her business success
  • The importance of knowing what you are capable of

Key Takeaway:

  • Following a plan actually gave me a framework. Within a framework, you can do anything you like.

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