#129: [Client Case Study] From Website Designer to Online Business Strategist with Sonja Limone

January 8, 2018

#129: [Client Case Study] From Website Designer to Online Business Strategist with Sonja Limone

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Sonja Simone is the founder and CEO of Miracles To Go and the co-founder of Starte Dein Online Business. Originally from Austria, Sonja started as a graphic and web designer where she realized that some of her strengths are in creative strategy and tech. Unsatisfied with what she is doing, Sonja’s desire to help people with their online presence is helping her to grow, evolve, and expand. She has decided to pivot her business and become an online business strategist.
In this client case study, Sonja shares why a five-day launch is her favorite form of promoting new products and services. She also talks about how being in a mastermind helped her change how she sees herself, how she communicates this change to her clients, and how she reached her first five-figure month in 2017 as a result of this shift.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • How Sonja resolved her concern about launching her digital course for web design
  • Her first step in offering a scalable product that resulted in passive income
  • How she started her group program in German
  • How your environment affects your success
  • Factors that contributed to a spike in revenue
  • Her plans to focus on her zone of genius

Key Takeaway:

It’s impressive what’s possible if you have the support and knowledge of a group of people who all have different backgrounds, with each one contributing to your success because everyone has something valuable to share.

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