#130: [Client Case Study] How Focusing on One Thing Changed Everything with Kicki Westerberg

January 10, 2018

#130: [Client Case Study] How Focusing on One Thing Changed Everything with Kicki Westerberg

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Kicki Westerberg is the author of Build the Business of Your Dreams and co-host of the Swedish podcast Entrepreneurial Life. When Kicki started working online a few years ago, she explored working with clients one-on-one and with a group. Having a lot of ideas to share, Kicki’s greatest challenge was deciding which project to focus on.
Kicki joins me for this Client Case Study to share how focusing on one thing drastically changed the growth and trajectory of her business. Having an improved online presence, being a published author, and having accountability through mastermind groups has helped her realize her potential. And that has changed everything for the better.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The biggest challenge Kicki is facing at the moment
  • The impact of Facebook Live on her business
  • The most significant mindset shift she has to go through
  • How she realized she needed structure in her business
  • How her book has greatly benefited her business

Key Takeaways:

  1. You don’t need another course. You need structure.
  2. It’s difficult to do something else when your mind is preoccupied with writing a book.
  3. It’s all about taking action.

Connect with Kicki Westerberg:

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