#132: [Client Case Study] From a New Business Idea to a First Sale with Insa Künkel

January 15, 2018

#132: [Client Case Study] From a New Business Idea to a First Sale with Insa Künkel

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Insa Künkel used to work for a public relations company, where she wrote content such as blog posts, press releases, and newsletters for corporations and businesses. She has now decided to follow her passion of helping overcome fear of public as professional speaker-trainer. In addition to helping people improve their public speaking skills, she also conducts “How-to” online workshops.
In this client case study episode, Insa shares the business breakthroughs she had in less than six months after joining a curriculum-based mastermind. She also shares how she went from being a writer-editor to a speaker-trainer, how she discovered her passion that led her to the right business idea to pursue, and how she landed her first client in her new role.
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In this Client Case Study Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • What Insa’s business was like before she joined a mastermind group
  • Some of the activities she participated in during the mastermind
  • How she realized the business idea for her new online business
  • Business milestones and accomplishments she achieved after joining a mastermind
  • How she connects her old business to her new business

Key Takeaways:

  1. Committing to do the tasks required of an online curriculum can reap great rewards.
  2. You can sell yourself without really selling.
  3. Take your time, but continue moving forward.

Connect with Insa Künkel:

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