#191: How to Scale Without You with Alex Navas

June 1, 2018

#191: How to Scale Without You with Alex Navas

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Alex Navas is a marketing and business growth strategist with a passion for helping online entrepreneurs build profitable, purposeful, and successful businesses while focusing on what matters most – their family. Through the Fampreneur™ movement, he has helped dozens of family-focused experts and thought leaders create the lifestyle they want by combining the right mindset, marketing strategies, and monetization strategies to achieve success and grow their online businesses.
In this episode, Alex shares the crucial conversation about premium offerings and how to scale your business without you. He discusses how to get to the place where you can charge premium rates on prime programs and still have people sign up as well as what the Premium Client Experience Process is and how it works. He explains the concierge experience he provides, how he customizes the client experience, and why the environment plays a crucial role in the prime programs.
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In This Episode of The Sigrun Show:

  • The Income Through Impact concept
  • Why entrepreneurs struggle with pricing
  • The Premium Client Experience process
  • “Cafe conversations” and their significance to the premium client experience
  • Why many potential clients come to Alex
  • Why your desire to want to review everything is slowing you down
  • Why the premium client process starts with you
  • Why he lets the conversations be about the clients and not him
  • The difference between the “big offers” and the “small offers”
  • Words to use during your client call
  • How clients get the results they seek
  • What happens after the first call
  • How little touch points make a huge difference in the client experience
  • How he solves the scalability of the program
  • The value of having a team service your clients
  • How he spots potential stars at the beginning of client relations

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your clients want results. It’s about getting confident in your ability to produce results.
  2. When asking questions, find out your clients’ motivations—the thing that matters most to them.
  3. The first call is foundational in the client experience.
  4. Little touch points make such a huge difference.
  5. The quality of questions your clients ask determines the quality of clients they’re going to become.

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