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March 20, 2019

#305: Why Speaking is Selling with Colin Boyd

Selling Anything Without Being Salesy with Matthew Kimberley An entrepreneur is required to wear many hats. While sales is one of the most important parts of every business, many entrepreneurs struggle with it or are nervous about asking potential clients for a sale. But the truth is, a majority of people won’t buy if you […]


February 2, 2018

#140: Selling Anything Without Being Salesy with Matthew Kimberley

  Chris Lema is the Vice President of the Products and Innovation Division of a hundred million dollar managed hosting company called Liquid Web. Chris has been speaking to audiences for 30 years and is  a popular in the WordPress community as a blogger, advisor, and public speaker. He is also the creator of the […]


October 13, 2017

#82: Storytelling and Selling, Learn to Tell your Story with Chris Lema

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